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Building control fees

New dwellings up to 300m

Plan charge  Inspection charge  Building notice 
 £222 £414   £924

Domestic extensions and alterations

Description  Plan charge  Inspection charge  Building notice 
Extension where floor does not exceed 20 square meters £222  £324  £642 
Extension where floor exceeds 20 square meters  £222  £432  £708
Loft conversion  £222  £288 £624 
Erection or extension of a domestic garage  £222  £246  £564
Conversion of domestic garage  £222  £246  £492
Multiple Extensions   £222 £482   £786
Renovation of a thermal element to a single dwelling. (eg external insulation)      £222
Replacement of windows /doors (where all replaced at the same time)      £210
Removal of a single load bearing wall or chimney stack      £210
Installation of PV panels or a solar heating system     £360
Installation of wood burning stove     £210

All Prices include 20% VAT. If the work you plan to do is not listed in the table or covers more than one category contact us at buildingcontrol@gedling.gov.uk or 0115 901 3740 for an individual quotation.

Please note that; 

1) The above fees are based on the time taken to administer building control activities, undertake site inspections and check plans where appropriate and is not based on the costs of works being undertaken. The charges have been set following the principles laid out within the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 of full cost recovery.
2) Under a Full Plans application that a plan charge is payable when the plans of the building works are deposited with us, the Inspection Charge is payable once we have carried out the first site inspection, we will invoice you to notify you of the charge. If works are not commenced within 12 months of submitting a full plans application the inspection charge will change to that set out within any new charging schedule in place at the time works commence.
3) Under a Building Notice the building notice charge is payable when the building notice is submitted to us. If the time taken to carry out inspections is more than that initially envisaged then the Council reserves the right to make a supplementary charge.
4) A regularisation charge is payable at the time the application is made to us, the Council will calculate this on a case by case basis.
5) A non-returnable minimum charge of £96 will be made to recover administration costs where an application is withdrawn before the plans are checked. An application may not be withdrawn once plans have been checked.
6) A non-returnable minimum charge of £96 will be made to recover administration costs where a Building Notice application is withdrawn.
7) A building notice cannot be withdrawn if site inspections have commenced.
8) These fees came into effect 1st April 2015.

Building Control Annual Statement

This document contains information on the income and expenditure incurred by Gedling Borough Council in accordance with the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

Building Control Statement 18/19