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New bins

Date Posted: 10:17 AM on Wed, 29 January 2020

Towns and villages in Gedling are benefiting thanks to the installation of new bins and the popularity of free bulky waste collections.

In Gedling Borough Council’s 2019 budget a pledge was made to install 50 new bins in key locations across the borough to help reduce littering and improve the appearance of areas. Councillors were asked to provide a list of areas where bins would be best placed in their wards and, based on their responses, new bins have been installed in over 30 locations so far with more being installed in the coming days.

As well as delivering on the promise to install 50 new bins across the borough, the council has also seen a surge in popularity for its free bulky waste collection service, which was introduced in 2014. Figures dating back from 2016, show the scheme, which runs from November until February, has benefited over 10,000 residents and 20,000 items have been collected in that period. Over 5,000 households have used the service this year and more than 7,000 items have been collected. There are still nearly 1,000 slots available for residents to make use of between now and the end of February. 

The new bins and free bulky waste collections are just some of the actions being prioritised by the council as part of its plans to create a more sustainable environment that promotes and protects the environment by reducing waste and pollution. Providing new public litter bins, maintaining free bulky waste collections and creating a Rapid Response Street Cleaning Team are investments that have all been made by the council in spite of it now being the worst affected local authority in England in terms of the Government’s own official figures on Core Spending Power. Figures recently released by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government revealed that Gedling’s Core Spending Power has been reduced by 21.3% since 2015. Earlier this month, the Deputy Leader wrote to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and local MP, Tom Randall, to ask them to review this decision.

Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor Michael Payne said:

“Local residents continue to tell us that keeping their streets clean and tidy is a top priority for them. It’s a top priority for the council too which is why we’ve delivered on our promise to provide over 50 new litter bins, maintain our popular yearly free bulky waste collection service and continue to clamp down on fly tippers. We could do much, much more for our local communities if the rug hadn’t been pulled from underneath our feet when it comes to the sharing out of Government funding for local councils.”