Domestic Homicide Review

Date Posted: 9:04 AM on Fri, 12 July 2019

The South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership commissioned a Domestic Homicide Review into the violent death of ‘Stacey’ (not her real name) in October 2011, following a notification from Nottinghamshire Police about her death. The review was completed and published in 2014.

Following representations from the family a second independent review panel reconvened in January 2017 to further review the agency contact and involvement with Stacey during the period of time leading up to her death.

The findings from the second Domestic Homicide Review have today been published, following approval from the Home Office and in-line with statutory guidelines.

The review does not look to apportion blame but seeks to identify any lessons that can be learned following such tragic circumstances.

The original review made 39 recommendations which have all been implemented, this second review has identified a further six recommendations which are detailed in the report.

South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership Chair Ruth Hyde stated:

“I would like on behalf of South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership to thank Eleanor Stobart for her work in leading a new review into Stacey’s death. The recently completed review has enabled Stacey’s relatives to contribute their insights and perspectives, and some additional learning points have been identified, which will be actioned, to increase the understanding of professionals regarding the complexity of domestic violence and to reduce the risk of such tragic events happening in future.”

Read and download the Operation Headway Domestic Homicide Review