A spring, in steps

Date Posted: 10:56 AM on Wed, 11 April 2018

Spring is certainly here and now is the time to create your perfect garden. We spoke with our Park Rangers, Adam and Michael, who look after our award winning parks and open spaces across the borough, and asked them for their top tips for a great garden.

Tip 1 - Don’t throw all your garden waste in the brown bin. If you have shrub cuttings, the long parts can be used to prop up larger plants that need support.

Tip 2 - If you have some space in the garden, you could create a mini allotment using compost created from your garden. Leaves, which are high in nutrients and unfertilised grass are great for composting.

Tip 3 - Mowing the lawn. We would recommend you mow your lawn once a week between April and September but make sure you only cut a third off the length of a blade of grass, any shorter will damage the growth. Also, keep your mower blades sharp, this will stop the grass being pulled out and reduce bare spots.

Tip 4 – If you notice bare spots in your lawn do not sow new grass seed until the Autumn. At this time of year the ground is damp enough and the temperature warm enough for the seed to germinate. This will give youthe best chance of the grass being strong enough to survive in the following year.

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