Selective Licensing


On the 8th March 2018 Gedling Borough Council formally made the designation of the Netherfield Ward to be subject to a Selective Licensing Scheme.

The decision to designate the Netherfield Ward for Selective licensing follows a 12 week public consultation. The results of the consultation have been carefully considered and there is strong support for a scheme. This webpage will be updated as we prepare to implement the scheme.

The Netherfield Selective Licensing scheme comes into operation from 1st October 2018. Applications cannot be made at this time. The Council is aiming to make the application form available from September 2018 (we will confirm this as soon as we are able to).

There will be an online portal through which an application can be made.

Licensable properties

The scheme applies to any house* which is let or occupied under a tenancy or licence within the area shown below outlined in red. Alternatively you can view an interactive map here.


Note - a ‘house’ is defined by section 99 of the Housing Act 2004 as a building or part of a building consisting of one or more ‘dwellings’. A ‘dwelling’ means a building or part of a building occupied or intended to be occupied as a separate dwelling.

The scheme applies to any house occupied under tenancy or licence unless: 

  1. The house is a house in multiple occupation and is required to be licensed under Part 2 of the Act; or
  2. The house is subject to a temporary exemption under section 86 of the Act; or
  3. The house is subject to a management order under Chapter 1 or 2 of Part 4 of the Act; or
  4. The tenancy or licence of the house has been granted by a non-profit registered provider of social housing, a profit-making registered provider of social housing in respect of social housing (within the meaning of Part 2 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008), or a body which is registered as a social landlord under Part 1 of the Housing Act 1996; or
  5. The tenancy or licence of the house or a dwelling contained in the house is defined as an exempt tenancy or licence within the meaning of The Selective Licensing of Houses (Specified Exemptions) (England) Order 2006


Licence Costs

We have taken into account the views of the stakeholders and feedback during the public consultation and have adjusted the scheme to accommodate feedback and have reduced the licence fees from the initial proposal.

The licence fee will be collected in 2 parts, the 1st part is collected and the point of application and the 2nd part will be due once the application has been processed and the Council is ready to issue a draft licence. The fees are set out below:

Landlord type

Part 1 fee

Part 2 fee


Accredited Landlords




Non Accredited Landlords





The costs spread over the 5 years of the scheme are less than £2 per week for accredited landlords and less than £2.50 per week for non-accredited landlords.

Notification of licensable properties

Should you wish to notify the Council of any properties within the Netherfield Ward that should be subject to a licence please email the details to or call 0115 9013972

Further information

Accreditation can be obtained by recognised landlord accreditation schemes to be agreed by the Council at the point of application. Currently the local DASH Accreditation scheme  is free for landlords of properties in Gedling.


Licence conditions

Selective licensing proposal

Public notice of selective licensing scheme

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