Our lawn section can only have headstones of up to one metre. Traditional sections can have headstones up to 1370 millimetres in height, with kerbs around the grave area permitted up to 2130 millimetres by 910 millimetres. Vases and plaques are also permitted on these grave spaces.

Cremation plots

Standard family cremation plots are also available for up to four interments or four scatterings of ashes, with a small headstone (up to 510 millimeters in height), vase or plaque also permitted on these plots.

Cremation plots are also available for one or two interments only, although there are restrictions on the type of memorials permitted on these plots.

You can also bury or scatter ashes on a family grave, although permission must first be obtained by the registered grave owner and also by contacting our cemeteries team.

Gardens of Rest

All our cemeteries have Gardens of Rest where ashes may be scattered amongst our communal flower beds. A commemorative vase or plaque may also be placed with the permission of our cemeteries team. There may be additional costs for permission. 

Transfer a plot

You may request to transfer your Exclusive Rights of Burial after five years in writing (under five years, charges may be applied).

You can also make a written request to sell your Rights of Burial back to the council at the original purchase price if the plot is unused.

Address to make the request to is:

Funeral Services
Civic Centre
Arnot Hill Park