Our gyms are evolving

Our gyms are evolving

We've updated two of our gyms with new equipment to reflect todays fitness trends and to ensure customer value across all of our facilities.

Carlton Forum

Take a look at your exciting new gym. Project main aims:

  • Brand new energy efficient equipment by Pulse Fitness
  • Extension to free weight training area including plate loaded machines
  • Additional multi-functional equipment and workout space
  • Introducing some innovative and advanced training tools
  • Fresh decoration, flooring and lighting


We have:

  • Converted an underused squash court into functional free weight training area
  • Installd specialist flooring
  • Equipment now includes power rack, Smith Machine, Olympic Bench Press, Dual Pulley, adjustable benches, Preacher Curl and a Decline Abdominal Bench, Dumbbells and an Olympic Lifting Platform, weight plates and Olympic bars
  • Introduced some innovative and advanced training tools
  • Redecorated, added mirrors and chequer plate wall coverings

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