Gedling borough councillors are given a yearly allowance. The amounts for 2016/17 are listed below. For a more detailed breakdown see the useful documents section. For MPs expenses see the Independent Parliamentary Sttandards Authority website.


Councillors Allowances - 2016/17

DescAnnual Amount
Leader of Council £13,695.60
Deputy Leader of the Council £10,956.48
Leader of 2nd Group £6,847.48
Chair of Committee (Planning + Env & Licensing)


Chair of Committee (Audit + Overview & Scrutiny) £3.423.90
Chair of Committee (JCSC) £1,369.56
Chair of Standards Committee £1,369.56
Mayor's Allowance £5,135.85
Deputy Mayors Allowance £1,711.95
Cabinet Member Allowance £6,847.80
Party Business Manager £3,423.90
Policy Adviser £1,711.95
Co-Opted Members   £505
Independent person-standards £515.02
Reserve Independent person-standards £250
Councillor Basic Allowance £3,987.48