Bulky waste items

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We can collect large household items from your home.  There are two different waste types that we collect:

  • Type 1 - domestic fridges/freezers and electrical items e.g. television, washing machine, microwave, cooker
  • Type 2 - bulky non-electrical items e.g. mattress, sofa, carpet, wardrobe

How much does it cost?

For the first item we charge £14 and for every additional item after that we charge £5. If you have a mix of type 1 and type 2 items then you will be charged per type i.e A fridge and a mattress would cost £28 as both items have to be collected separately. 


Electrical Items Non-electrical items
1 item £14 1 item £14
2 items £19 2 items £19
3 items £24 3 items £24

Each additional item from the same category is an additional £5. If you request the collection of items from both categories than the first two will be £14 each as they need to be collected seperately. 

For more than 10 items please contact our Customer Services Department on 0115 901 3901