Air quality consultation

Improving air quality is important because the air that we breathe can have an impact on our health. The Government has set air quality standards for certain air pollutants which affect public health.

The council has been monitoring pollution levels around the borough since the 1990s. Measurements continue to show that, like many urban areas in the UK, the levels of a pollutant called nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are too high at some residential properties along the A60 Mansfield Road.

In 2012 we produced an Air Quality Action Plan outlining measures to improve air quality; we have been working with colleagues at Nottinghamshire County Council (the Highways Authority), the focus being on the main contributor, road traffic. To reduce pollution from traffic, we needed to reduce miles travelled, ease traffic flows and emissions from individual vehicles.

Unfortunately, whilst pollution levels have improved they still remain above the acceptable threshold and so we have reviewed and revised the existing plan.

This new Air Quality Action Plan sets out how we intend to continue to work towards achieving the air quality objectives in the problem area. The plan consists of measures that are already in progress and some new ideas.

We need your views

As part of the consultation process we would like to hear your views and comments on the measures we are proposing to improve local air quality over the next few years. More information can be found in our draft action plan.

Draft action plan

Map of area affected

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